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Paintings By Ellen Bi

A Modern Artist


Paintings By 

Ellen Bi

Ellen is a passionate and creative professional artist who is specializes in teaching acrylic painting and sketching to young, junior and adult students.  She is also helping high school students to create their portfolios in preparation for Fine Arts and Design at University. She owns the Shang Mei Art Studio.

Ellen received a Golden Award at the China and Korean Artist Communication Art Exhibition in Wei Hai, China, 2006. Her painting was displayed at the China Wei Hai Art Center in China.

Ellen was naturally drawn to painting in her teenage years before going into Fine Arts at University to refine her skills. She received a Masters degree in Mural Art while taking a graduate course on murals at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2003. She started in humanistic painting and now is more focused on painting of flowers and landscapes. 

Her skill has developed from Impressionism and post-impressionism. However, she now utilizes different styles tending towards the semi-abstract while employing variances in tone, bright, vivid colors, visible strokes, and light distinction. The power and movement of light is captured in her work. 

After more than two decades, Ellen working in Fine Art, Ellen displays a genuine commitment to her artistry. Her talent is openly visible and clearly expressed in her painting.

Ellen’s desire is to express her feelings and emotion through helping her students become accomplished artists. She is working hard to create more opportunities to display her students’ artwork.


"Imagination rules the world"

Napoleon Bonaparte